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Guaranteed loan approval with bad credit

If you are in the United States and have a bad credit rating the chances are you are either new to trying to find subprime loans or you have a fairly clear picture of the lending landscape. Either way here is a quick catch up. Lenders generally decline loan requests of people with bad credit history. During these difficult days, having a bad credit history as a result of missing payments or paying a few bills late is inevitable. Luckily, there is a new influx of lending companies that can provide loans for people with bad credit rating.

Personal Loan Regulation in the United States vs other countries

It’s worth understanding that bad credit loans in the USA are slightly different to those in other countries like the U.K. In the unites states there is no maximum APR and not as much regulation as you will find in other countries, the FSA does not regulate personal loans as it does things like debt management and so on, so you do have to be wary of how you approach things.

What does Bad Credit mean to a borrower in the USA?

These days bad credit in the UK means only a select few loans are available. The typical APR is usually a LOT higher than the normal high street lenders and this can mean anything from 40%-2500%. These numbers are scary but essentially your options are:

Doorstep loans – typical APR around 200%

Guarantor loans – typical APR around 42%

Logbook loans – typical APR around 30% using your car as security

Unsecured loans are going to be the hardest to get and most expensive but there are lenders like FLM Loans in the USA who specialise in guarantor loans for people who simply have nothing to use as security. Non homeowners, tenants and suchlike are all welcome.


Finding the right lender for personal in united states with bed credit

The question is how to find the right company that offers such loans and how to apply for a bad credit loan in the USA? To start with, as you would in any country contact your friends and family and ask if anyone else has any relevant experience with obtaining credit. Use to find relevant companies. Shortlist them according to your level of trust of them and maybe give them a call to see how professional they are. If they are willing to listen to your requirements and answer any questions then that’s a tick in the box. As you’re in the UK they must have a data protection licence and a consumer credit licence, get these details from them and check against the government records online to verify the company is legitimate.

More Option more Danger

As the demands for such loan is increasing, there are many lending companies from which you can get bad credit loans. However, beware as there are also many companies that charge outrageous rates, and other charges or fees. The best way to get approved for a loan if you have poor credit rating is to get an intermediary agency that will do the job for you. Some of these will charge you a fee to find a loan for you, avoid these, but always ask up front if they will try and charge you. If possible ask for the response in writing, there are some very unscrupulous lenders out there and they will do their best to rope you into their charge. There are some good guys out there and there are some that really will do their best to get you the best deal without charging you for the honour of doing so. There are even a few good places online that will come to your aid, I will come to those later in the article.


Dealing with brokers for personal loans for poor credit

If you apply through an intermediate company known as a broker, they will help you find the cheapest options or companies from which you can borrow money at the lowest interest rates. Most of these intermediate companies that offer help on loans for people with poor credit rating have a database of lenders that offer bad credit loans. They can help you get the best deal even if you have poor credit rating. When applying for such loan, it is also important to state a good reason what the loan is for. If you are buying a new car, setting up a small business, going on a holiday, a guaranteed bad credit loan is your best option. A guaranteed bad credit loan either requires collateral or a guarantor for your loan to get approved. You can use certificate of ownerships as collateral.


If you can comply with the requirements, you won’t get a problem securing a loan as there are many companies that offer loans for people with bad credit rating. However, loan applications by the self-employed individuals, who also have poor credit standing, are unlikely to get approved because they do not have regular pay slips. Pay slips or proof for a good source of income is one of the major requirements in securing such loans.


Guarantor Loans have no credit checks and are perfect for people with bad credit


In the UK there are very few loans that require no credit checks. The most common type is known as a guarantor loan and it ensures access to loans for anyone and everyone so long as you have not been registered as bankrupt in the last few years. It works because while you borrow the money the responsibility for the loan is actually someone else’s, someone who trusts you to pay the loan back but is also prepared to pay the loan back themselves should you fail to do so. As advertised by the 3 main guarantor lenders FLM Loans, Central Trust and TFS you will always be accepted for a guarantor loan so long as you have someone who is willing to take the responsibility for the loan. This is why it is the ultimate loan for people with bad credit.


The author has been working inside the finance industry for several years specialising in guarantor loans [] and payday loans in an attempt to ensure people truly understand their options and are better educated about their choices.


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personal loan with bad credit

Bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval direct lenders

Guaranteed loan approval with bad credit

In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of bad credit personal loans that some lending companies and financial institutions are offering. So even if there are some mistakes in your credit report or your income is a bit uneven, getting a loan at a good rate is not out of your hands.


However, if you are thinking about taking out such a loan, then you need to consider the terms under which the loan is agreed upon will differ significantly from traditional types of personal loans. For those of you who have a poor credit rating or who have recently filed for bankruptcy, the types of loan options available to you will be somewhat limited.


Also, you need to be careful that there are some very dishonest lending companies around, who are likely to charge you a high fee for initially setting up a loan. Also, the interest rates that you would be expected to pay will be much higher.

Personal loan with bad credit

Yes, these types of personal loans can be extremely useful for those who need to be able to get money quickly due to an emergency. However, it is important to remember that if you do not pay on them, it can worsen the financial situation. Ideally, if you want to get the best, it is a good idea to try and work to get your credit history and rating back before you take out any kind of debt.


By improving your credit rating, you will find that this increases your chances of applying for a loan approved. In addition, you will find that the rate of interest charged on the loan will be lower and this will save you more money in the time of loan.


For people in the United States who are applying for a personal loan and have a poor credit history, there are certain conditions that these people need to meet. Lending companies in the United States today require that such people be 18 years of age or older as well as be a US citizen and have a steady income of less than $ 1,000 each month. In addition, they will also have to show the lender that they have an active checking account, which is being maintained correctly and is maintained with a reputable bank in the USA.


When you are thinking about taking out any type of bad credit personal loan, it is important that you read it carefully before you sign the contract. You need to look closely at all the clauses and cavits included within the document to ensure that you will not find yourself in a worse financial situation than before because you are unable to pay.


As long as you keep the above in mind, you will find that it will be very easy to get the right type of bad credit personal loan. So it is important that you take your time and before doing some research choose which loan you should take.


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